Frequently Asked Questions



What rights does Clique have to my name, likeness, and content?

Clique will not directly use your name, and/or any content you produce, post, submit, or make publicly available for advertorial use without your prior written consent. For clarification, Clique will be able to editorially re-post any content you make available on your site and social media properties.


How does the program work?

We are building a hand-selected community of on-the-rise influencers that we will engage with throughout the year. You can expect educational seminars and workshops with key members of Clique, bimonthly emails with tips and best practices, potential sponsored content opportunities, plus invites to exclusive Clique events.


Are there any exclusivity requirements?

There are no exclusivity requirements on talent’s end. It is simply a value-add for all partners. We aim to provide you with opportunities and access you may not otherwise have without the support of a large publisher like Clique.


Will I be assigned a rep or entered into a database?

INF Network does not represent talent, so we will not be assigning a rep. Your information is placed within our own private database for Clique use and correspondence only.


If I join, is it still okay to be a part of other influencer communities?

Yes. Our community is nonexclusive.


If I can no longer continue my membership for any reason, do I need to notify you to stop collaborations and terminate the agreement?

As there is no formal commitment, there is also no formal agreement. We would simply unsubscribe you from email correspondence, if desired.


What do editorial and social coverage as well as paid content opportunities entail?

You can expect rotating editorial features across Clique properties (Who What Wear, Byrdie, MyDomaine) highlighting various talent from our community. On the paid content side, we will prioritize you for any sponsored campaigns that may be a fit for your brand. If there is an opportunity, our team will reach out on a case by case basis.


Which brands do CMG and INF partner with?  

We work with hundreds of brands across a number of categories. In the fashion space, these range from Gucci and Bloomingdales to Paige and H&M. In the beauty space, we work with brands ranging from Chloé Fragrance and Bobbi Brown to Maybelline. In the lifestyle category, brands include everything from Chandon to LG.


Can I join the network even if I work with an agent or manager?

Of course! The majority of our programming (educational programming, product seeding, events, first looks at our Who What Wear Collection, etc.) will be beneficial to you directly. Should any paid opportunities arise, we are happy to work with your management directly.


When will I hear back regarding my application?

If you’re #InWithINF, you can expect to hear from us within two weeks. Please note we are accepting a small group of influencers in our current launch phase; membership is limited to best-serve our community.